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Nutrition Counselling

Today we don’t merely think of diet in terms of a source of energy but understand that it is much more than that. Through years of intensive research we understand that good nutrition is akin to preventative medicine, proper nutritional practices avoid a multitude of disease problems.

We now understand that it is no longer good enough to feed our pets the largest and cheapest bag of pet food we can find. As your pet’s health care provider, veterinarians are the best source of information on the correct foods to feed your pet in health and illness.

dog on scale

Aside from dental disease, obesity is probably the most common health concern we see in pets today. Just as in humans, obesity is caused by overfeeding, feeding the wrong type of foods and/or a lack of exercise. If you suspect your pet is overweight, we can help. Ask us about our SlimFit program (kind of like Weight Watchers for pets). During your first visit we will weigh your pet, measure his or her body condition score, choose a goal weight and select a diet and feeding quantity to help your pet achieve that goal weight.

We will even include a few treats in the plan so you can still spoil your pet a little. Every month your pet will return to be weighed, reassessed and have his or her diet adjusted. Once your pet has reached his or her goal weight, we will help you develop a maintenance program to keep that sexy new figure.

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