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Mountainview Animal Hospital's Commitment To Care During The Pandemic

The COVID 19 pandemic continues to present a challenge to communities across our country. Mountainview Animal Hospital wishes to ensure our clients that we remain open and prepared to care for your pets with the same commitment as always. Your safety and the safety of our team is our top priority.

What are we doing at Mountainview Animal Hospital to keep our community safe?


We ask that clients do not come into the hospital and call us from the car if they can answer YES to:

  • Have you traveled within the last 14 days?
  • Have you had any contact with someone who has traveled?
  • Are you sick with symptoms of any kind?
  • Have you had contact with anyone who is sick?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are at higher risk of having and spreading the COVID virus. Rest assured we will still care for your sick pet, even from a Higher Risk Household, but your honesty to our risk assessment protocol will let us take the extra precautions necessary to keep us and our other clients safe.

To treat pets from Higher Risk Households, we will:

  • Ask you to park at our back door and remain in car, we will come to you
  • We will wear a mask, face shield, gown and gloves
  • We will bring your pet into the hospital’s isolation area through the back door for examination
  • We will take great care of your furry friend, as always
  • We will communicate with you via telephone
  • We will discharge your pet back to you through the back door
  • We will change and disinfect after handling a pet from a known Higher Risk Household

If you answered NO to all of the questions, you can enter the hospital and follow the rest of our COVID prevention protocols as outlined below.

2. Social Distancing / Facial Masks

We are fortunate that our reception area and exam rooms are large enough to accommodate a number of people and still practice social/physical distancing.

  • Our reception area is big enough that we can accommodate the social distancing recommendations with up to three people at a time: one in cat waiting area, one in dog waiting area, and one person at the reception desk. If you arrive for your appointment and see that there are already three clients in the reception area, please call us from outside and we will give you direction.
  • While the mandatory face mask bi-law is in effect, please wear a mask. It is important to follow the bi-laws and respect the needs of other.
  • We have numbered the examination rooms; there are three. Our receptionist will no longer escort clients into an examination room, instead they will remain behind the desk and direct you to which numbered room to go into.
  • While we normally love to see the whole family, now is not the time. Please minimize the number of people that come for your pet’s appointment.
  • Once in the examination room please remain in the seating area. The doctor will enter the room through the treatment room door and remain 6 feet away from you while they speak to you and gather information about your pet.
  • Most examinations of patients will take place in the treatment area; you will be asked to remain in the examination room.
  • Whenever we can, we are asking clients to prepay for services, medications and food via credit card over the phone or E-Transfer. We are avoiding the use of cash.
  • We have set up Curb-Side-Pick-Up for food, supplies and medications. Just outside our doors we have a metal shelving system where items are being set out for quick pick-up. You are being asked to call before you come so we know when to set out your supplies.
  • We are encouraging clients to avail themselves of our online Web Store. Food, supplies, toys and non prescription medications can be delivered right to your front door. Click to sign up to our online webstore
  • We are offering Telemedicine appointments. There may be times when the doctor can diagnose and treat certain conditions using video, pictures and a telephone.

3. Disinfecting Surfaces

  • We are allowing time between appointment for additional disinfection of surfaces. We are spraying down tables, walls, chairs, both exam room door handles (inside and out), reception counters and Exit door handles (inside and out). Basically anything a client may have touched in the reception area or exam room.
  • We are using our own leashes for dogs. Each leash is being disinfected after every use.
  • Cat carrier handles are being wiped with alcohol.
  • And/or we are making sure we wash our hands before touching anything that belongs to you.

4. Hand Sanitation

  • Each examination room has a sink, clients are welcome to use it to wash their hands. There are two dispensers near the sink, one is disinfecting hand soap (pink), the other is alcohol based hand-sanitizer.
  • There are two automated hand sanitizer dispensers in the reception area for clients.
  • The banking machine unit is wiped down with alcohol after every use.

We ask for and appreciate your patience; we are doing our best to stay open, stay healthy, help those who need us and keep you safe.

We will continue to keep you informed about any changes to our protocol or hospital schedule. Of course, you are welcome to call us if you have any questions.

We will get through this together.

Your Mountainview Animal Hospital team.

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