Mountainview Animal Hospital

Vaccination Programs

We do believe in the importance of vaccines. Vaccination has, without a doubt, been the cornerstone of all preventative medicine in humans and animals.

There are many diseases that your pet will be exposed to that can cause serious illness and even death. These diseases can be spread to your dog or cat by contact with other pets, sniffing the grass where other animals have been or drinking contaminated water. You can even bring the diseases home on your hands, clothes or shoes thereby putting animals that spend most of their time indoors at risk.

Because the protection provided by a vaccine gradually declines over time, regular booster vaccinations are needed to ensure ongoing immunity from disease.

During your pet’s annual physical examination we will review your pet’s lifestyle and the likeliness of exposure to various contagious diseases. Together with you, we will select only those vaccines we believe necessary to keep your pet healthy and fit. It is our goal to individualize your pet’s vaccination program to his or her unique lifestyle and needs.

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