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Consultations / Examinations

This is when we take the time to discuss the concerns, worries or questions you may have about your pet’s health. To help us do this, we book 20 minute appointments, 30 minutes for new puppies and kittens whose owner’s often have more questions.

We recommend annual physical examinations for all of our pets. Having your pet examined annually is crucial to maintaining your pet’s good health. Check-ups are important because they provide the opportunity to prevent disease or detect them early should they be developing. Unfortunately, some pet owners underestimate the value of these visits because their pets appear to be healthy to them. While it is very important to monitor your pets closely at home, it often takes the training of a veterinarian to pick up on those early warning signs of disease. Remember your pets cannot tell you when they are feeling poorly and often do not complain until the disease is quite advanced. Detection of disease or behavioural problems early in their course of progression provides the best opportunity for successful therapy, often with less expense.

An unfortunate reality is that our pets age faster than we do; for every year that passes for us, 5 to 7 have passed for them. Imagine the changes that can occur in their bodies in just one year. For this reason some older pets may even benefit from examination more than once a year, every 6 months for instance. So next time you get that annual reminder call from your veterinarian, remember it is actually a five year (in human years) check up to your pet.

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