Mountainview Animal Hospital

Where To Go In An Emergency

During our office hours you can contact us immediately at 905-702-8822 and we will make sure that your pet receives our medical care as quickly as is necessary.

When we are closed, you will need to contact the Emergency Veterinary Clinic on Hwy 10. They are the emergency facility designed to care for all of your pet’s emergency needs. They are open weeknights from 7:00 pm to 8:00 am and 24 hours on weekends and holidays. Not only will they provide for you emergency veterinary care, they will forward all of your pet’s medical records to us the following morning so that we may continue your pet’s care fully informed about what had occurred the previous day.

Emergency Veterinary Clinic on Hwy 10 in Brampton is located on the South/East corner of Hurontario Street (HWY 10) and Wexford Road, just 1 block north of Bovaird (HWY 7 or Guelph Street) in the Wexford Plaza. The doctors and staff are ready and prepared to receive you, or time permitting you can call ahead at 905-495-9907.

Emergency Veterinary Clinic on Hwy 10

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